Dota 2 Maphack

The Dota 2 Maphack v1.1

How to install

Download the Dota 2 Maphack Setup from the following link
Unzip all the files
Run Dota 2 Maphack Setup.exe
Install the Tool to Program Files
Wait for the Tool to get installed on your computer
Run Dota 2
Run The Dota 2 Maphack.exe afterwards
Enjoy and have fun.

Dota 2 Maphack Download 




  • Easy to Use
  • Light
  • Fast and Undetectable
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Roshan Timer

The Dota 2 Maphack is an easy tool that you need for you to dominate in Dota 2 . This Lightweight and easy tool will help you set up ganks and help you defend from such . You can choose from so many different settings such as

  • Remove Fog of War
  • Exact Roshan timer (since patch 6.79 Roshan timer is randomized but it uses an algorithm that Dota 2 Maphack knows)
  • Gain Enemy Vision
  • Unify Vision

The Dota 2 Maphack has several features , but one of the best features is that it is undetectable . Earlier versions showed us that a special ping sent to the Valve administrators , that would ban you from Dota 2 Network for the next 48 hours immediately . So we developed a special algorithm that passes the security of Dota 2 Network , so you would not have to worry about getting banned .

Screenshot :